“Your story resonated so much with me. You were just so inspiring and honestly, just thank you so much for speaking to us tonight. Knowing that someone as inspirational and confident as you, has been there too, just makes me feel so much more secure. You are truly incredible”Student-Athlete, Stonehill College

“It was a pleasure having Ivy Watts come and speak to our high school girls track team. The week following Ivy’s visit, it was obvious many of our girls had a newfound sense of confidence and belief in themselves while practicing and competing on the track. Not to mention, several girls expressed openly that they had been positively impacted by the conversation. Ivy gives a raw, first-hand account of her experiences as a competitive athlete, her struggles with perfectionism, negative self-talk and the scary places it can sometimes take you when you ignore it, rather than address it. Ivy’s story is very powerful, and in my opinion, is not often embraced despite being extremely relevant in the sports realm and beyond. I think we all know someone who could have benefited from this conversation. For that reason alone, I would recommend every team, group, company, or organization consider inviting Ivy to speak. Ivy will break down the barriers surrounding mental health topics and will teach her audience how to find the self confidence and sense of worth that everyone deserves.” Kara Walsh, Waltham High School Girls Track Assistant Coach

“I wanted to say thank you so much for speaking at Stonehill, I just found your story so real and relatable. I really want the stigma around mental health to change and I just wanted to say thank you. I am hopeful that people who have never experienced mental illness will understand it a little bit more”Student-Athlete, Stonehill College

“Your story was so moving; it was real and honest, and the kids felt really felt a genuine connection to you. Bravo on putting on such a memorable presentation. This is one story that’ll stick with me and these kids for the long term. YOU ROCK!” – Jenna Giannelli, Softball Coach, Nashua North High School

“I have attended this conference two years in a row, and you were by far the best speaker we have ever had. Thank you for sharing your story.” –Student-Athlete Attendee at New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference 2019

“Ivy spoke to our fall student-athletes this past August 2018.  She spoke to them about a very difficult subject and did an amazing job of sharing her personal story.  Being an alumna of our school and being a very successful athlete both in high school and in college made it even more impactful.  I truly feel that all student-athletes benefited from hearing this message, and that any athlete who has ever dealt with mental health issues was deeply impacted by Ivy’s message.  I would highly recommend her to speak about this subject.”-Steve Laforest, Waltham High School Athletics

“Your positivity is contagious and I’m thankful for the chance to have heard your story.” -Rachel, Softball Athlete, University of New Haven

“I have heard dozens of speakers in my life, yours was by far the best speech I have ever heard” Attendee, New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference 2019

“Our student-athletes were both educated and inspired by hearing of your personal journey and the steps you have taken to overcome the obstacles. Your presentation allowed those in the room, whether dealing with a personal issue or not, to understand the conditions as well as learning of the various lifestyle changes that can assist in recovery. Breaking down the stigma of mental health remains a challenge, however your openness to sharing the experiences will help foster a sense of confidence in those struggling themselves.”-Chris Palmer, Athletic Director University of New Haven

“You helped to shed light on a lot of issues that I didn’t know and your talk helped my students open up to some of their daily struggles and mental health issues. A lot of coaches don’t realize how important it is to be aware of these issues, it’s not just about the X’s and O’s, we need to know what is going on with our athletes, peers, friends and families. Since your talk, I’ve made sure I keep my eyes open to any signs positive or negative. THANK YOU, Ivy, for sharing your talk with us all, because we all needed to hear it.”Shaunnaya Williams, Director of Cross Country and Track and Field

“I am truly inspired by your story. It’s so amazing and brave that you came to share your story. You have put the message in my head that I can do whatever I put my mind to. You reminded me that I am not alone. You are amazing!”Student-Athlete, New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference

“You are such an inspiration, and an overall amazing person. It was great to have someone to relate to, I was speechless. That was by far the best speech I’ve heard. Thank you for sharing. You deserve the world! Let’s make a change!” Student-Athlete, New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference

“I’m very happy you came and told your story, because the lessons you learned, and your story is so valuable to so many people! Student-Athlete, Stonehill College

“Thank you so much for coming and speaking, your story meant so much more than you know. You are amazing!” Student-Athlete, Stonehill College

“I resonated so much with what you were saying and I appreciate you opening up and sharing your journey. You were absolutely amazing and your visit was much needed and I firmly believe you are making such a positive impact on this world doing what you’re doing”Student, Stonehill College

“It was enlightening to hear your experiences and what you went through and how to move forward”-Student Athlete, University of New Haven

“The presentation by Ivy really hit home. I was very touched by her story and it helped me a lot!” -Student Athlete, Pelham High School, NHIAA