“Our mental health is just as important as our physical health”. A statement full of so much truth but yet not practiced as much as it should be. As a public speaker, my aim is to share my story to empower youth and young professionals to speak up and tell their stories, so that together we can break down the walls of stigma around mental illness and practice mental wellness just as we do physical wellness. By telling my story and my journey of recovery, my hope is that students will understand that they are not alone, they will recognize resources around them, feel confidence to speak their truths, and keep fighting for the tomorrow that they deserve.

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Speaking topics:

  • Your Story Matters
    • Target Audience: youth through young professionals
      • Understand that all stories, no matter how big or how small are valid and everyone is deserving of receiving help
      • Change your mindset from seeking help as a sign of weakness, to seeking help as a sign of strength and recognition of self-worth
      • Learn about my story of my struggle with my mental health (anxiety, suicidal thoughts), how helpful therapy is and recognize that you are not alone


  • Self-Love: Be Good Enough For Yourself
    • Target Audience: youth through young professionals
      • Learn concrete tips to promote self-love, self-care and self-worth
      • Receive tools to self-validate and practice positive self-talk
      • Learn about my journey and how I grew from self-destruction to self-love


  • Keep Fighting For Your Tomorrow
    • Target Audience: youth through young professionals (focus on suicide prevention)
      • Learn about suicide warning signs, suicide prevention and suicide prevention resources
      • Recognize your worth and purpose and feel empowered to keep fighting for your tomorrow
      • Learn that you are not alone on your mental health journey
      • Learn about my story and struggle with suicidal thoughts and how I kept fighting for my tomorrow

To learn more about my availability and speaking topics, contact me directly to discuss!


“Ivy spoke to our fall student-athletes this past August 2018.  She spoke to them about a very difficult subject and did an amazing job of sharing her personal story.  Being an alumna of our school and being a very successful athlete both in high school and in college made it even more impactful.  I truly feel that all student-athletes benefited from hearing this message, and that any athlete who has ever dealt with mental health issues was deeply impacted by Ivy’s message.  I would highly recommend her to speak about this subject.”

-Steve Laforest, Waltham High School Athletics


“Our student-athletes were both educated and inspired by hearing of your personal journey and the steps you have taken to overcome the obstacles. Your presentation allowed those in the room, whether dealing with a personal issue or not, to understand the conditions as well as learning of the various lifestyle changes that can assist in recovery. Breaking down the stigma of mental health remains a challenge, however your openness to sharing the experiences will help foster a sense of confidence in those struggling themselves.”

-Chris Palmer, Athletic Director University of New Haven


“Your positivity is contagious and I’m thankful for the chance to have heard your story.” 

-Rachel, Softball Athlete, University of New Haven


“It was enlightening to hear your experiences and what you went through and how to move forward”

-Student Athlete, University of New Haven


“It was interesting to hear your story on a personal level, it made everything you said so much more relatable.”

Men and Women’s Track and Field Team, University of New Haven