A blog all about promoting self-love, self-worth and mental wellness.

Thank you SO MUCH for joining me! I started Beautifully Simply You as a way reduce stigma around mental illness by being completely open and transparent about my struggle with my own mental health journey, in order to encourage others to speak up, get help, and tell their own stories. My hope is that by starting these discussions, we can all be part of the effort to shift the culture of mental health into a more positive light and show that everyone has their own struggles, some may seem big, and some may seem small, but none are insignificant.
I also started this blog to show that through seeking the help I needed both internally and professionally for my struggles with my mental health, I learned to love myself with all of my flaws. Our journeys will never always be easy, but I want us to learn how to love ourselves through our struggles (while incorporating some self-love dance parties 😊) and learn how to be okay with the person staring back at us in the mirror. I want us all to feel proud of the experiences we have gone through, both positive and negative, because they have made us stronger than yesterday. Despite what you have gone through, I want you to remember that you are enough, exactly as you are. Even when times are hard, dance it out, because loving yourself, is life’s best dance move.
From my journey I have realized that I am not alone, that there are so many of us who have all had moments when we have felt miserable, disappointed, afraid, and simply not good enough. I hope that you join me by following my blog posts, as I take you through my journey, help you to write your own journey, and in the process learn to love being Beautifully Simply You.

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What’s Behind Your Smile? Let it Flow

What is behind your smile? Behind my smile is where I hid for years. Behind the smile that people saw, there was pain and self-hate. Throughout the years, I have grown to hide less behind my smile, but I still find my moments where it feels more comfortable, safer and easier, to show up and … Continue reading What’s Behind Your Smile? Let it Flow

Don’t Compare Yourself. Where You Are Is Beautiful

Our lives can be full of comparison. We might feel like we are always falling short. We see someone else living the “perfect” life or experiencing the “perfect” relationship, and we feel like what we have isn’t good enough. We look at where we once were and get frustrated with ourselves that we might not … Continue reading Don’t Compare Yourself. Where You Are Is Beautiful

You Deserve To See The Light Within You

You deserve to see the light within you that others see about you. How often do we dismiss the love and compliments that others give to us, because we aren’t able to see it for ourselves? When we do that, we only create this cycle of feelings of not being good enough. We so often … Continue reading You Deserve To See The Light Within You

Others May Not Believe in Your Dreams, Keep Believing In Yourself Anyway

I can still get discouraged easily. It’s hard when you have poured your whole heart and effort into a project, and for people to question it or tell you no. This may seem similar to you. You may have a dream or goal that people tell you that you can’t reach. They may not believe … Continue reading Others May Not Believe in Your Dreams, Keep Believing In Yourself Anyway

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