Learning To Love My Body

A letter to my body: I am sorry for all of the abuse I have put you through. I am sorry for shaming you and calling you names you didn’t deserve to be called. I am sorry for the countless hours that I have stared at you and pointed out flaws that didn't even exist. … Continue reading Learning To Love My Body

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

7 words repeated to me time and time again. My mom had a lot of repetitive sayings my brother and I had to listen to over the years, and although several of them including, "a place for everything and everything in its’ place”, “don’t be sorry, be conscious”, “nothing less than a bath and a … Continue reading I Can Do Bad All By Myself

You Can Do This

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We are who we inevitably are. We can grow so much, but yet we can slip back into our old habits, those same old habits that got us into trouble before and held us back from opportunity, held us back from being the best version of who we … Continue reading You Can Do This

Thankful For the Pain You Caused

I am thankful for the pain you caused me, because the pain helped me to grow. I am thankful for the times you told me I was over reacting or that my feelings were not valid and made me feel worthless, because feeling worthless made me hit rock bottom, which allowed me to learn to … Continue reading Thankful For the Pain You Caused

Blog Launch Recap: It Takes a Village

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you accomplish something so huge, something you once thought was out of reach and then when you are in the moment of accomplishing that goal, you are so wrapped up in excitement and disbelief that it doesn’t hit you until hours later that you actually did it, your … Continue reading Blog Launch Recap: It Takes a Village