Choose To Be You

I will always be what I say, is a "recovering perfectionist". I spent most of my entire life chasing perfection, so it's not always so easy to completely stop chasing the unrealistic ideal that is perfection. For my mental health modules, I enjoy getting feedback, but also cringe every time I get an email telling … Continue reading Choose To Be You

It’s Ok If You’re Feeling Unmotivated

It's okay if you've been feeling unmotivated. Some things may have come easily to you before, and now you're finding it difficult to get those same tasks done. Know that you aren't alone. I too, right now, am feeling wildly unmotivated to write this blog post. I've been feeling incredibly unmotivated to get out of … Continue reading It’s Ok If You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Saying No Is Self-Care

Saying no is a beautiful form of self-care. Too often we will say yes to opportunities or to people that are not good for us, out of fear that better things won't come. We will say yes to opportunities, when we already have too much on our plates. Or we will say yes to staying … Continue reading Saying No Is Self-Care

Normalize Being Kind To Others

I love the work that I do. I get to work with some remarkable young people who want to change the world for the better. I remember when I was their age, I felt so afraid to speak up about what I was going through. I remember having people in my life that I admired … Continue reading Normalize Being Kind To Others

You Deserve To Take A Break

It's okay to take a break. Taking breaks has always been really hard for me to do. Because it is hard for me to take breaks, it becomes hard for me to really and truly relax. This week, we went on our COVID style honeymoon. We were supposed to be traveling through Portugal and Barcelona, … Continue reading You Deserve To Take A Break