Your Fears Are Big. Your Purpose Is Bigger.

Public speaking used to be my biggest fear. Now it's my career. It's crazy to think about how we end up where we end up. My mom used to beg me to take a public speaking course, and I finally took it just for her to stop talking about it. I left that class thinking … Continue reading Your Fears Are Big. Your Purpose Is Bigger.

Relinquishing Control, Trusting The Universe

Raise your hand if you are someone who likes things done on your timeline, and absolutely no other timeline other than yours. My hand is definitely one of the highest in the room! So many of us, including myself, are impatient and want things done how we want them and when we want them. I … Continue reading Relinquishing Control, Trusting The Universe

Being Exactly Who You Are Is Liberating

Some of the best advice my coach ever gave me was to "Just be Ivy, because Ivy's pretty great". He told me this during my junior year of college and it has something that has stuck with me ever since. But even when he told me, I never really knew who Ivy was. My identity … Continue reading Being Exactly Who You Are Is Liberating

A Dream Turned Reality

Do you have a dream? I mean a dream so big, that it keeps you up at night because you are so excited for the possibilities? A dream that you can't stop thinking about, no matter how big or scary that dream is? Well my dream that kept me up at night is to speak … Continue reading A Dream Turned Reality

Your Social Media Doesn’t Define You

Social media can be a good and a bad thing. Social media can help a lot of us connect with people we may not otherwise connect with including old friends, colleagues, prospective leads on careers, and others who are feeling the same way as us. Social media can be great to allow us to feel … Continue reading Your Social Media Doesn’t Define You