When You Let Go Of Expectations, Magic Happens

When I released expectations, I began to love motherhood. I have spent countless hours on this new journey soaked in tears, frustration and sadness. Early on, Charlotte had pretty bad acid reflux that required her to be held 24/7 and led to crying and fussing around the clock. It all felt unfair. Why are friends … Continue reading When You Let Go Of Expectations, Magic Happens

Love Your Body Through All Stages

We live in a society where baby rolls and chunky thighs are cute, but are looked down upon on a mother who just gave birth. Moms are expected and pressured to "bounce back" after having a baby and are shamed if they haven't quite yet lost their baby fat. We don't think about the mental … Continue reading Love Your Body Through All Stages

Focus On What Fulfills You

Overnight, I gained a new identity. I went from being Ivy at 7 PM at my induction, to a mom at 5 AM when my sweet baby girl made her entrance into the world. This identity was unknown to me, even though I had been preparing to become a mom for over 9 months. All … Continue reading Focus On What Fulfills You

Embrace The Unexpected

Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what you need. I had to learn to do a lot of letting go for my birth and for my postpartum journey. The day before I gave birth to Charlotte, I wasn't feeling much movement and the hospital confirmed my concerns. I was devastated and heartbroken that they said I … Continue reading Embrace The Unexpected

It’s Okay If You Don’t Enjoy Every Moment

I am back after maternity leave!! Thanks for being patient with me and hope you enjoy this blog post! Enjoy every moment. That's what they told me when they discharged me from the hospital after I gave birth and became a mom. That's what friends and family said as they commented on my photos of … Continue reading It’s Okay If You Don’t Enjoy Every Moment