Trust the Perfect Timing of the Universe

How easy is it for you to trust what the universe has planned for your life? I am a planner by nature and I have always wanted to have some type of control over my plan. I also always desire to have some control over the outcome. Unfortunately, life doesn't work this way, and we … Continue reading Trust the Perfect Timing of the Universe

Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

This journey of self-love has been the most beautiful one for me, to fully embrace myself as I am and want to show the world the true Ivy, without holding back for fear of being judged, like I used to in the past. However, even though I have learned to love myself exactly as I … Continue reading Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

Who You Are is A Gift

For so long, I wanted to be someone else. I spent hours scrolling through social media thinking, "She is so pretty, I wish I was pretty like her", "I wish I was fast and skinny like her", "I wish I had money like them". I kept chasing a reality of someone's else's life, because mine … Continue reading Who You Are is A Gift

There is Growth in Change

Growing up, I hated change. My parents went to an open-house once, just to have something to do one afternoon, and I spent hours crying, begging for us to not move, I couldn’t stand the thought of that change. My mom changed the layout of the furniture in our family room growing up, and I … Continue reading There is Growth in Change