Sometimes We Feel Sad, But That is Completely Okay

For most or my life, I never realized that it was okay to feel sad. Whenever I felt sad, I was made to feel small and worthless by the toxic people I surrounded myself with, so feeling sad became something that was far from okay, something I learned to hide. Recently, a child I am … Continue reading Sometimes We Feel Sad, But That is Completely Okay

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Have you ever felt that someone was better than you at something and that kept you from going after your dream? I think a lot of us have had that mindset. I think even the smartest, fastest and strongest people out there think there is someone else out there better. But when we compare ourselves … Continue reading Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

This journey of self-love has been the most beautiful one for me, to fully embrace myself as I am and want to show the world the true Ivy, without holding back for fear of being judged, like I used to in the past. However, even though I have learned to love myself exactly as I … Continue reading Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

Who You Are is A Gift

For so long, I wanted to be someone else. I spent hours scrolling through social media thinking, "She is so pretty, I wish I was pretty like her", "I wish I was fast and skinny like her", "I wish I had money like them". I kept chasing a reality of someone's else's life, because mine … Continue reading Who You Are is A Gift

There is Growth in Change

Growing up, I hated change. My parents went to an open-house once, just to have something to do one afternoon, and I spent hours crying, begging for us to not move, I couldn’t stand the thought of that change. My mom changed the layout of the furniture in our family room growing up, and I … Continue reading There is Growth in Change