Be Good Enough For Yourself

Have you ever stopped and thought about what it would feel like to be good enough for yourself instead of good enough for everyone else? Have you ever stopped and thought about how liberating that would be? How it would feel to be good enough exactly as you are and not care what other people thought? To live life in the way you were destined to live it, even if others don’t agree?

What does being good enough for yourself mean? It means showing up for yourself even when you don’t want to. It means trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It means trusting the process and having faith in yourself and your abilities. It means knowing your worth and then setting out to accomplish your goals because no one can tell you that you aren’t capable. It means knowing your flaws, your faults and your mishaps and loving yourself despite. It means falling down over and over but continuing to get back up and keep on trying. It means never giving up on yourself even when things get hard. But most importantly it means accepting that life is messy and being completely okay with yourself exactly as you are in this moment, forgiving yourself when you mess up, knowing that pain is temporary and that you are a fighter and you can get through this struggle, and no matter what, it means loving yourself unconditionally.

What if we lived our lives that way? What if we didn’t hesitate, didn’t second guess, but just knew our worth, accomplished our goals and had so much love for ourselves that we can’t help but spread the beauty of self-love to others? What if we stopped worrying, over-analyzing and doubting what people think about us, and instead recognize that those who don’t support us in our pursuits are not supposed to be along for our journeys? What if the main opinion that mattered about you was your own?

Self-love means being good enough for yourself and not for others. When you are good enough for yourself, you only allow others into your life who see the worth that you are showing.

Listen with intent to the thoughts in your head today. Are they negative and full of doubt of the beautiful person you are? If so, imagine what it would feel like to feel more positive thoughts, to care less about external voices and care more about the new, loving ones in your head. What does that feel like to imagine experiencing abundant self-love and self-positivity? Remember that feeling and vow to fight to feel that every day and with every day it will get easier to a point where self-love feels more and more effortless.

If you can be good enough for yourself, you are unstoppable, because you have told the world that you will be okay despite the naysayers and critics, because you know your worth and all you bring to this world. The criticism will always be there, you will just know you can rise above because with every critic, two more supporters come and because you stayed strong and positive, light and opportunity will be right there in front of you. You get in this world what you put out into it- so be strong, bold and practice self-love, everything else will follow.

When I was finally able to take steps to break my negative mindset and practice positivity, I became good enough for myself and I watched my mindset and my whole life change. Negative thoughts still happen all the time, but I am now good enough for myself, so I forgive myself and I feel proud that I try my hardest every day to kick the negativity out. I feel free because I am unstoppable, I feel equipped because I can stand back up when I fall and I feel happy because I know my worth and because I know that in the end, I will always be okay. I hope you all get to experience this same freeing power of self-love.


Be Beautifully Simply You

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