You Are Worthy of Your Goals, So Why Not You?

Think about a goal that you have, the goal that has been tugging at your soul, the goal that makes you feel alive when you think about it, the goal that scares you because it is such a big goal. What is holding you back from reaching that goal? Is it the fear of failure? … Continue reading You Are Worthy of Your Goals, So Why Not You?

Who You Are is A Gift

For so long, I wanted to be someone else. I spent hours scrolling through social media thinking, "She is so pretty, I wish I was pretty like her", "I wish I was fast and skinny like her", "I wish I had money like them". I kept chasing a reality of someone's else's life, because mine … Continue reading Who You Are is A Gift

Within Every No, There’s a Yes

So often we begin to chase after a goal that we have, and all we hear from everyone is no. "No you can't do that, no you shouldn't do that, no that isn't possible, no we can't help you, no, no, no, no". Hearing no from people when we present our ideas is discouraging, and … Continue reading Within Every No, There’s a Yes

Risks Are Worth Taking

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? To feel fearless and invincible and feel like no dream was out of reach? I remember as a child, I was determined to be a singer, a firefighter, a hair dresser, and a doctor, all at the same time. And although in retrospect, those … Continue reading Risks Are Worth Taking