Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

This famous saying of "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" means so much to me. This is what my coach would say to me over and over and something that gave me some comfort and hope during my struggle, that my dreams could still be built. But it's really hard to be patient while your … Continue reading Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

A Dream Turned Reality

Do you have a dream? I mean a dream so big, that it keeps you up at night because you are so excited for the possibilities? A dream that you can't stop thinking about, no matter how big or scary that dream is? Well my dream that kept me up at night is to speak … Continue reading A Dream Turned Reality

Within Every No, There’s a Yes

So often we begin to chase after a goal that we have, and all we hear from everyone is no. "No you can't do that, no you shouldn't do that, no that isn't possible, no we can't help you, no, no, no, no". Hearing no from people when we present our ideas is discouraging, and … Continue reading Within Every No, There’s a Yes