My Imperfection Is My Favorite Part About Me

Today I turn 26! 25 was a really great year for me, and at 25 I realized that most of my entire life I was searching for perfection, but that my search for perfection kept me from recognizing that I needed help and kept me from telling my story. The chase for perfection began at … Continue reading My Imperfection Is My Favorite Part About Me

Within Every No, There’s a Yes

So often we begin to chase after a goal that we have, and all we hear from everyone is no. "No you can't do that, no you shouldn't do that, no that isn't possible, no we can't help you, no, no, no, no". Hearing no from people when we present our ideas is discouraging, and … Continue reading Within Every No, There’s a Yes

The Power of Listening

Listening, something so easy to do but yet something that we often have difficulty doing. We are distracted by our phones, by our own problems, or by other people in the room, that we often are not truly listening, not giving our friends and loved ones our full attention when they come to us with … Continue reading The Power of Listening