Letting Go Can Set You Free

I am guilty of comparison. I am guilty of not feeling good enough. I used to have a food Instagram page where I posted everything that I ate. It became like an obsession for me. At first it was fun and exciting, until it became unhealthy. The obsession became unhealthy in more ways than one … Continue reading Letting Go Can Set You Free

Writing Heals Me

Sometimes I let myself go. Not physically but mentally. Sometimes I get too comfortable with where I am at and forget to challenge myself mentally. Those times when I let myself go, I feel myself becoming the girl I have fought to not go back to. Those days when I can't stop crying, I have … Continue reading Writing Heals Me

Your Feelings Are Valid

I truly believe that the feelings we are experiencing now and our feelings of the past are valid and deserve to be heard. Those feelings also deserve to be listened to by someone who is caring and understanding. I unfortunately was in a relationship where my feelings were made out to be invalid and quite … Continue reading Your Feelings Are Valid

Keep Fighting For You

*Trigger warning* this post talks about my experience with suicidal thoughts I remember it clear as day. In the middle of a beach run, attempting to clear my head of the internal struggles I was dealing with while also trying to hold back the tears. I desperately wanted the pain I was going through in … Continue reading Keep Fighting For You

Walking Away Can Be Liberating

Walking away from you the first time was hard, I didn't realize walking away from you the second time would be so liberating. The thought of seeing you again after a time of growth for me was nerve racking. I had made so much progress without you in a short 3 months, I had finally … Continue reading Walking Away Can Be Liberating