Risks Are Worth Taking

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? To feel fearless and invincible and feel like no dream was out of reach? I remember as a child, I was determined to be a singer, a firefighter, a hair dresser, and a doctor, all at the same time. And although in retrospect, those … Continue reading Risks Are Worth Taking

Thankful For the Pain You Caused

I am thankful for the pain you caused me, because the pain helped me to grow. I am thankful for the times you told me I was over reacting or that my feelings were not valid and made me feel worthless, because feeling worthless made me hit rock bottom, which allowed me to learn to … Continue reading Thankful For the Pain You Caused

Blog Launch Recap: It Takes a Village

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you accomplish something so huge, something you once thought was out of reach and then when you are in the moment of accomplishing that goal, you are so wrapped up in excitement and disbelief that it doesn’t hit you until hours later that you actually did it, your … Continue reading Blog Launch Recap: It Takes a Village

I Hope You Dance, Laugh and Love

What seemed so hard for so long, was actually so very simple. I turned on some music and I let my body move, I set it free, I didn’t overthink it, I didn't really think at all, I just moved to the music and I laughed at myself, without fear of the negative response of someone else, … Continue reading I Hope You Dance, Laugh and Love

Life Can Get Really Messy

I tend to make a mess of things, can you relate? I have a real problem of letting things bother me so bad that they eat away at my core. I tend to sweat the small stuff. My whole day gets thrown off and I can’t concentrate on anything else. I overthink, boy do I … Continue reading Life Can Get Really Messy