Life Can Get Really Messy

I tend to make a mess of things, can you relate? I have a real problem of letting things bother me so bad that they eat away at my core. I tend to sweat the small stuff. My whole day gets thrown off and I can’t concentrate on anything else. I overthink, boy do I … Continue reading Life Can Get Really Messy

Cheers to You!

  A few days ago it truly hit me that I am celebrating a huge anniversary for myself. I chose the launch date of this blog as July 9th, because it signified a day of strength for me, a day when I began a journey that has been the most unexplainable eye-opening experience I have … Continue reading Cheers to You!

Overcoming Fear

  What is it about fear that holds us back and keep us from fulfilling our greatest potential? When I sit back and look at the majority of my life, one word to describe myself would be fearful. My experience with my self-doubt and constant need for external validation began at such an early age … Continue reading Overcoming Fear

It’s Okay, To Not Be Okay

  I was telling my story to someone the other day and he asked me “If there was one word you would want people to know when they hear your story, what would that be?”. It took me what felt like forever to answer that question as I thought about my journey of heartbreak and … Continue reading It’s Okay, To Not Be Okay