Keep Holding Onto Hope

Life is truly a rollercoaster. It's full of excitement, highs, fear, lows, uncertainty and regret. Those are probably all some of the feelings you've had, before, during or after a rollercoaster ride. Right now my rollercoaster is in one of those low spots. It's been so frustrating to watch my mom fight pancreatic cancer for … Continue reading Keep Holding Onto Hope

It’s Okay To Start Again – You Are Recovering & Growing

I know I am not alone when I say I struggled with the "supposed to's". It was my birthday week, so it was supposed to be a great week. And for the most part it was. But it really all felt like it came crashing down the day after when I felt really self conscious … Continue reading It’s Okay To Start Again – You Are Recovering & Growing

I Am So Proud Of You

I am so proud of you. For fighting through the pain. For continuing to move forward, despite all of the days you wanted to give up. For choosing you, even when other choices seemed more desirable. For choosing to see the light within the darkness. For choosing to not settle. For choosing to be who … Continue reading I Am So Proud Of You