Keep Checking In On Others

Keep checking in on those around you. You never know who needs it. We are so good about it in the beginning, when someone experiences a loss, a trauma, or a breakup, we are so good in the beginning about checking in, seeing how that person is doing. In time though, we stop. We stop … Continue reading Keep Checking In On Others

You Can Talk About Your Pain

Yesterday I wrote a pretty long post on my personal page about my mom. It had been one month since my mom passed away. I can't believe it's been a month. I felt compelled to share the story - to share my pain during the 36 hours before, during and after her death. I think … Continue reading You Can Talk About Your Pain

You Will Find Yourself Again

Since my mom's diagnosis of cancer, I always felt like I had lost pieces of myself. Since she passed away, I know for sure I have lost pieces of myself. I feel less motivated, I feel less joy, less excitement, and less gratitude for life itself. This journey has been a confusing one for me. … Continue reading You Will Find Yourself Again

Celebration of Life

This weekend we got to celebrate the life of my mom. We celebrated life in the most beautiful way. Typically, when people die there is a wake, a funeral and a repass. My mom was sure that she wanted none of that. My mom wanted a party where people could celebrate the life she lived. … Continue reading Celebration of Life

You Keep Showing Up- That’s Strength

You have good and bad days, but you keep showing up - that's strength. These last few days with my mom has been an up and down rollercoaster. My mom made the tough, but right decision to stop treatment. Her body is weak. The chemo will likely do more harm than good. She doesn't want … Continue reading You Keep Showing Up- That’s Strength