Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

This journey of self-love has been the most beautiful one for me, to fully embrace myself as I am and want to show the world the true Ivy, without holding back for fear of being judged, like I used to in the past. However, even though I have learned to love myself exactly as I … Continue reading Love Yourself Enough To Keep Growing

There is Growth in Change

Growing up, I hated change. My parents went to an open-house once, just to have something to do one afternoon, and I spent hours crying, begging for us to not move, I couldn’t stand the thought of that change. My mom changed the layout of the furniture in our family room growing up, and I … Continue reading There is Growth in Change

Risks Are Worth Taking

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? To feel fearless and invincible and feel like no dream was out of reach? I remember as a child, I was determined to be a singer, a firefighter, a hair dresser, and a doctor, all at the same time. And although in retrospect, those … Continue reading Risks Are Worth Taking

The Power of Listening

Listening, something so easy to do but yet something that we often have difficulty doing. We are distracted by our phones, by our own problems, or by other people in the room, that we often are not truly listening, not giving our friends and loved ones our full attention when they come to us with … Continue reading The Power of Listening

Letting Go Can Set You Free

I am guilty of comparison. I am guilty of not feeling good enough. I used to have a food Instagram page where I posted everything that I ate. It became like an obsession for me. At first it was fun and exciting, until it became unhealthy. The obsession became unhealthy in more ways than one … Continue reading Letting Go Can Set You Free