Finding The Light In Every Year

As we enter a new year, many of us spend time reflecting on the past year. We think about all that we have endured, all that we had longed to do but didn't, all we accomplished, the highs and the lows, and all the moments in between. As I did my own reflecting, my most … Continue reading Finding The Light In Every Year

Slow Down & Be Present With This Version Of You

Remember to stay present with this version of you. This is a reminder I am telling myself right now. Recently, I've been somewhat freaking out about becoming a mom. I've been so excited for so long but with my due date approaching in just over a month, I'm starting to feel all the fears and … Continue reading Slow Down & Be Present With This Version Of You

It’s Okay If The Holidays Aren’t So Joyful

It's okay if the holidays are hard for you.  I was always someone who associated the holidays with joy. The holidays always were a joyous time for me and my family. As I got older, it became less about material items or the food and more about the time spent with some of my favorite … Continue reading It’s Okay If The Holidays Aren’t So Joyful

Finding The Joy Again

I'm starting to feel joy again. What an amazing feeling. I remember telling my therapist shortly before my mom passed that one of my goals was to be able to truly feel laughter and joy again. I spoke about how life felt less joyful, and moments of laughter felt almost out of body, and that … Continue reading Finding The Joy Again

rebuilding Myself

In the face of loss I am rebuilding myself. Y'all, it's been a while. Over a month since I last blogged. Over a month since I've really been engaged on social media for my speaking page. I needed this break. I still feel like I could take a longer break, but I think I am … Continue reading rebuilding Myself