Trust the Perfect Timing of the Universe

How easy is it for you to trust what the universe has planned for your life? I am a planner by nature and I have always wanted to have some type of control over my plan. I also always desire to have some control over the outcome. Unfortunately, life doesn't work this way, and we … Continue reading Trust the Perfect Timing of the Universe

A New Approach To An Old Dream

Being an athlete defined me. I ran track from the age of 8 to 22. The first question when I saw old friends was often centered around track. Until this day, people still greet me as the "track star". You could imagine that when I decided to hang up my spikes, not pursue a professional … Continue reading A New Approach To An Old Dream

The Power of Listening

Listening, something so easy to do but yet something that we often have difficulty doing. We are distracted by our phones, by our own problems, or by other people in the room, that we often are not truly listening, not giving our friends and loved ones our full attention when they come to us with … Continue reading The Power of Listening

Keep Fighting For You

*Trigger warning* this post talks about my experience with suicidal thoughts I remember it clear as day. In the middle of a beach run, attempting to clear my head of the internal struggles I was dealing with while also trying to hold back the tears. I desperately wanted the pain I was going through in … Continue reading Keep Fighting For You

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

7 words repeated to me time and time again. My mom had a lot of repetitive sayings my brother and I had to listen to over the years, and although several of them including, "a place for everything and everything in its’ place”, “don’t be sorry, be conscious”, “nothing less than a bath and a … Continue reading I Can Do Bad All By Myself